Granite City kids Wrestling program for ages 5-12. Wrestling season has come to an end. Don’t stop training though! This will separate the elite wrestlers from the hobbyist. Mat time and tightening up your technique will give you that advantage for the start of next year’s season. Your child will be a season ahead of the kids that took this time off in between. This is a great addition to our already incredible wrestling program we have here in Central Vermont, with BYSA and Spaulding High School wrestling team. Coach Steve HalfWall Rich runs The Granite City MMA Wrestling program. He is there every Tues and Thurs at 5pm get your kid registered now before this class fills up. Ask about family discounts! This is an opportunity for your kids to learn to excel in wrestling by getting those extra practices in, learn different techniques. Wrestling teaches Humility, it teaches respect, and it gives them the tools to cope with real life situations without freaking out.

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